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幸运飞艇开奖网址:What happened to the White Horse’s shares that struck behind the tragedy?

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内容摘要:White Horse shares sell into increased market consolidation pattern adjustment still [Disk]briefly Friday morning, the two cities shock cons...

White Horse shares sell into increased market consolidation pattern adjustment still


briefly Friday morning, the two cities shock consolidation, small and medium-invasive led; near midday stock index edged diving. On the disk, pharmaceuticals, medical products, brokerages, environmental protection, coal, 7-8942456_9, civil aviation airports, and automobiles accounted for the highest gains. In terms of concept shares, horse racing concepts, healthy China, biological vaccines, Chinese medicine, and glyphosate topped the list; domestic chips, Rental and sales rights, domestic software adjustments. At present, the market has made two successful bottoms, but there are many pressures at the top, which can be a bargain for the small-cap stocks and high-growth stocks in emerging industries, especially the short-term oversold varieties.


Hainan plate higher in early trading: HNA innovation , Jun of shares , East China Sea A, Cape pharmaceutical, Luoniushan , Hainan RAJ other gainers.

[news of]

1, Xi Jinping visits IC production line: some of the major core technologies must rely on their own to tackle tough

26 morning, Xi Jinping came to Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., inspect IC production lines, to understand the whole chip Smart manufacturing process and speed up the process of localization. Xi Jinping said that in order to realize the goal of "two hundred years", some major core technologies must overcome difficulties by themselves. Unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented challenges. All key positions and important industries must have a sense of responsibility and mission. Everyone must contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation in their respective positions.

2 State-owned enterprises realized a profit of 711.0 billion yuan in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 16.7%. On April 26, statistics released by the Ministry of Finance showed that from January to March, the state-owned and state-controlled enterprises had a good economic performance. From January to March, solvency and profitability improved compared to the same period of last year, total profit was 711.04 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.7%, and profit growth was 7.8 percentage points higher than income. The profits of key industries such as steel, coal, petroleum, petrochemical and electric power have increased significantly.

3, housing rental ABS support measures are "brewing" ice-breaking 4 trillion REITs soon

Recently, the Commission, the Department of Housing announced a joint mandate to promote the securitization of housing leased asset, the pilot issued real estate investment trusts (REITs). The industry believes that under the current policy of renting and selling simultaneously, the transformation of REITs into real REITs is likely to make a breakthrough in the securitization of leased housing (especially long-term apartments) as underlying assets.

【Jiufeng Viewpoint】

In early Friday morning, the two cities fought together and led the rise of small and medium-sized companies. Near midday, the stock index dipped slightly. On the board, pharmaceuticals, medical care, brokerage firms, environmental protection, coal, civil aviation airports, and automobiles topped the list. In terms of concept shares, horse racing concepts, healthy China, biological vaccines, Chinese medicines, and glyphosate topped the list; domestic chips, and rentals. The same right, domestic software adjustments.

The Hainan plate rose in early trading: HNA Innovation, Trent Stock, Dadonghai A, Preli Pharmaceuticals, Luo Niushan and Hainan Rui Ze were among the top gainers. In the news, Hainan established a number of horse racing industry companies, and the Provincial State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission participated in the horse racing entertainment company.

brokerage stocks rebounded, led the stock index meteoric rise: State Securities , shares , Huatai Securities , Shanxi Guoxin Securities , Huaxin Securities , , China Everbright Securities rose Galaxy and other Habitat before.

God fog saving daily limit, driving stocks higher environmental protection: God fog environmental , Peng Harrier Environmental , Bosch Branch , clean water source , Central Environmental , Guozhen Environmental other gainers. Medical stocks higher: medical Dunlop , Mike biological , Zhao Yan drug , Zhende medical , in the United States and other health led.

Following yesterday Gree slump, today Yili , Hisense Electric , Fuyao , China Ping An such as the White Horse shares plummeted.

Jufeng Fan Gu believes that the recent market is numbing for profit, which is precisely the signal that the market is going to bottom out. The stock index did not break the cycle of “oversold – rebound – consolidation – oversold – rebound – consolidation”. Today is the last trading day before the May Day holiday. The market rebounded after a quick sell-off. GEM refers to . The suspense of whether the stock index can break the pattern must be left behind after the holiday. Investors are advised to focus on oversold stocks in the seven emerging industries . (Jufeng Fan Gu)

White horse shocked serial stampede tragedy The strong contrast implies a major change in the A-shares

As the end of the war in April, A shares on Friday morning showed a typical strong trend of differentiation in Shanghai. In which the broader market was weighed down by the weight of the White Horse and continued to weaken. It was only one step away from the previous low. On the contrary, the GEM ushered in a steady rebound after stepping back on the 60th.

With the disclosure of the annual report and the quarterly report coming to an end, the performance of landmines buried in the A-shares has also been set to detonate, and has become an important incentive to drag on the continued weakness of the broader market in the second half of the week. The annual report of Gree’s non-profit dividends yesterday led directly to the stock price limit. Despite the announcement later in the announcement that the China Daily considered dividends, the organization’s decision to vote with their feet would not easily change their minds. Not only did this not come to an end, but it intensified and led to the White Horse stocks stepping on the tragedy. On Friday, the stock price of Yili stocks poured straight down. At the same time, 7_89456_195_65, China's Ping An also appeared rare giant Yin sell trend, this batch of blue chips. After the collapse of the collective reflected the gap between the large amount of financial statements, the gap between the opinions on the future trend of Baima shares suddenly increased.

It should be noted that most white horse stock price range gains have nearly doubled over the past year, and now, with the change of market style preference, if the performance of Baima’s stocks is not as expected or there are not too many eye-catching performances after the financial report announcement, the valuation hub will inevitably be rapid. Moving down and triggering sharp fluctuations in the stock price, the original Baotuan institutions will also be madly trampled by concentrated shipments. White Horse stocks continued to sell into a huge shock to the market sentiment, which will also drive funds into the small and medium-sized innovation, so the strong contrast between the Shanghai and Shenzhen deep strong index is behind the large amount of funds through the financial reporting window to adjust and trigger A huge earthquake on the disk.

From the point of view of the disk, the white horse was dragged down by the stock market, and the atmosphere in the venue was very weak. Then, taking into account the arrival of the small holiday, most of the funds were uninterested, and the money-making effect was quite poor. Hot spots, Hainan plate just around the corner again, once the impact of trading HNA innovation; In addition, the general secretary visited the flames Technology Group led Ricoh Tech, Yangtze Communications related stocks strengthened; the other hand, decline in the standings, the Branch of , Lan Ying equipment , Jida Telecom and a batch of early rebound strong stocks collectively opened lower and lower, with fear of high funds and strong emotions, the number of daily limit boards in the two cities continued to remain high!

We have repeatedly stressed that the financial reporting window performance factors have a much greater effect on stock prices than other periods. Better-than-expected performance growth stocks are favored by funds, such as a quarterly profit growth of nearly 90%. Baiyun Mountain Strong Seal Boards, but the performance of less than expected or even a big change in the face of individual stocks are blue chip or subject matter will be flocked to flee funds, almost no exception. Therefore, not only will institutions make large-scale adjustments at this time, small and medium-sized investors should also combine the annual report and the quarterly report to look at the quality of their stocks so that they can be eliminated and stayed strong. (Guangzhou Bandung)

news today \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

1, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social: 306.65 billion yuan pension has been credited into account and started to invest

2, Bureau of Statistics: March above-scale industrial enterprises profits rose 3.1 %

3. Ask the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for "commutation rescue" Gree speed response mid-term dividend

4, the national team shot! Holding over 20 billion securities companies in the first quarter to see these companies





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